Looking for event ideas? Or just wish to learn more about gin - get in touch. We at Dartmouth Gin are passionate about sharing our experience and love of gin with others in a fun and inviting environment. Check out our services on offer below.  



Hosted by the Head Distiller, guests will have the opportunity to spend the afternoon discovering a few secrets about how Dartmouth English Gin is made, including how to operate the Distillery’s bespoke Müller column still.  Guests decide their own botanical mix and then run one of the 10 copper alembic stills to produce their own unique gin to take home.  


Come to see how we make multi-award winning Dartmouth English Gin using our unique Müller Brennereianlagen still and hear about the history of gin.  Take the opportunity taste Dartmouth English Gin, Dartmouth Navy Strength Gin and other spirits that may be available seasonally. To book, click here