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Dartmouth English Gin shows that you can make really good classic gin.  If you make something really special, despite the saturation of the market; despite all the numbers we see in the gin category; if you make something really well, and really smooth and really precisely, you can stand out above and beyond anything else…..

Channel 4 Sunday Brunch, November 2018

Our favourite use of herbs, where rosemary, kaffir lime leaves, Scots pine and a strong backbone of juniper are all in unison is Dartmouth English Gin.  Aromatic, fragrant and fresh as an aroma, yet all seemingly balanced in the harmony of the wider gin.  There’s fresh citrus, and soft florals which leads you into the heady centre of the gin, with an underlying spice that pulls you through into a warming finish.  It’s a great flavour journey, with a booming herbal centre and, overall, a fantastic gin.

Olivier Ward, Gin Distilled Handbook, 2018

Overall, this is an extremely tasty gin, well-deserving of its recent award at the Craft Distilling Expo. In my honest opinion, it would be tough to find a gin-lover who wouldn’t enjoy Dartmouth English Gin. This would make a fantastic gift for a gin loving friend, or an even better gift to yourself this Christmas!

 Jess Harrier, Gin Kin, 2018

A highlight of 2018!

David Smith – Summer Fruit Cup.  International gin judge

I genuinely loved this, I really need more! For now, I’m yet again, sniffing an empty dram…

Rory Faiers - The Gin Lord

Following on from Dartmouth Distillery's original gin, Dartmouth English Gin, their Navy Strength Gin launched with high expectations and it certainly delivers. On the nose there is abundant juniper and pine with a depth of spice and hints of liquorice and lime. The aroma lets you know it's a high ABV gin without being harsh or alcohol-heavy. The traditional character continues on the palate, beginning with piney juniper and building to a crescendo of warmth and pepperiness, before transitioning to a lingering and warming finish which sees lime and anise notes giving balance. With a touch of water you see the flavours develop further, but Dartmouth Navy Strength really shines with a dash of tonic water, showing off just how sumptuously rounded, full and smooth the mouthfeel is

Paul Jackson, The Gin Guide 2020

When using as many as 17 bold botanicals it is easy to fall into the trap of over-complicating the gin or losing the impact of each botanical, but Dartmouth Gin steers so far clear of this potential pitfall and is impressively well-balanced, smooth and clean. The characteristics of each of the botanicals are brought together beautifully to give complexity and depth of flavour through to the finish. The bold juniper, citrus and floral notes stand out prominently, with deep layers of spice and subtle sweetness throughout. Serve in a G&T with a garnish of lemon peel, grapefruit or rosemary

Paul Jackson, The Gin Guide Review 2019

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